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Mike Verkest, Eric Bauer, and our special guests gather around the microphone to entertain, educate, and talk trash like they were there with you at work, changing shifts and telling tales. When you need a break from serious study, this is DEFINITELY your podcast!

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The SecondShift Podcast

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Episode 30

Luckily the guys haven’t forgotten how to record a podcast. All you SecondShift-ers out there know the drill. “No time” excuses and a bunch of blah blah stuff like that. At least they dedicated a little time to making it worth a listen. Sitting around a hotel lobby attracts a lot of unexpected (maybe even uninvited) guests when you have recording equipment set up. Your ears are spared though because our unexpected guest is the world-class Dan Rauh! Familiar with that name? No? Well you should be! Quit whatever it is that you are doing, sit-down, download this podcast, rate and review wherever you get your ear candy and find out… who is Dan?


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