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Episode 51: Don’t squeeze the Charmin

Look, most of our episodes have a tinge of disorganization….this one is no exceptions…in fact, it’s probably one of the most dysfunctional episodes we have EVER released!! In this episode, Mike and Ritu welcome Dr. Jeff Jarvis EMS Physician and Medical Director for Williamson County, Texas. We also unintentionally welcome, Dr. Ed Racht, Dr. Paul Rostykus, Dr. Justin Sales as they barge in as we are recording…If you can make it through all that, you will find Dr. Jarvis is full of amazing Airway information as he discusses the talk he gave at the conference we were at. We appreciate EMS1.com naming SecondShift as one of the top 10 EMS Podcasts! We appreciate your subscriptions and ratings! Without you, we are nothing! THANK YOU!


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