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Episode 10: When Everything Hits the Fan

COVID-19 has strained the healthcare system to its breaking point.  In this episode of the Standard of Care, Nick and Samantha are joined by Beth Sivertsen, Medical Ethicist, and critical care nurse.  We examine “crisis standards of care” and what those words mean for EMS.  What are crisis standards of care?  Who declares that they are in effect?  What impact do crisis standards have on EMS providers’ legal obligations to patients?  What is the ethical thing to do in a situation where resources are limited, and how should those decisions be made? Please like, comment, and subscribe! 


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Show Notes / Links


Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Crisis Standards of Care, https://coronavirus.idaho.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Crisis-Standards-of-Care-Plan_Final_Posted_Signed.pdf

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